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superintendents corner

It has become quite obvious that Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are not golfers. They have teamed up to keep a tight grip on this prolonged stretch of winter weather well into our early spring golf season! Many of you have become anxious with cabin fever while waiting for the weather to improve. The maintenance team at Centennial was certainly right there with you. We typically get outside within the first two weeks of March and begin cleaning the golf course. The snow and wind that winter brings generates a lot of debris that we have to clean up before we open. The continued cold and snowy weather had delayed our operations. It certainly was a mad dash to get the golf course ready for April 13th. Thanks to the maintenance team for doing such, a great job in such short order!
I am happy to report that the golf course came out of winter in great shape. Some areas of the golf course experienced some desiccation from the extremely cold winds. Once the grass starts to grow, the brown and yellow tips will be mown off and emerald green grass will appear. All of the bunkers were repaired, raked and look really good. Over the next few weeks, the golf course will begin to "wake up", and the haggard, dormant look of winter will disappear and Centennial will once again be covered by majestic green grass, flowering trees and budding leaves.
Another exciting thing that has occurred at Centennial is the purchase of some new equipment. We received a new fairway mower, wood chipper and dump truck and plow. Additionally, a new top dresser was purchased to replace our old one. This machine will allow us to apply sand to the greens at a more frequent and consistent basis. But perhaps the biggest addition to our equipment fleet is the purchase of a completely new, state-of-the art pump station!! Our current pump station is 21 years old and is howing its age. The metal pipes are rotting from the inside out and metal pieces are making their way into the system on the course. The new station will be delivered and installed in mid-May. It equipped with super efficient electric motors that will use less electricity and deliver irrigation water throughout the golf course with greater ease.
I am certainly excited about what has been going on at Centennial. Like you, I am anxious to get the season started. Lets just hope we get some spring weather soon!!
See you on the course!
Glen Dube, CGCS
Centennial Golf Club